Lily Ivy

Posted on Aug 07, 2015

Eastern Europe has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. In this case, score one for Poland!

Lily was well aware of Digital Desire long before we worked together; In fact, she was a member for 3 months. She said most of the girls on DD intimidate her because of their confidence and beauty. In particular, Lily says she has a girl crush on Francesca Lombardi.

Here are a few images from a new pictorial; I hope they ease you into your weekend.

Produced 8.5.2015


16 Member Comments

coniow over 3 years ago
Thanks for sorting Aubrey, she much too nice a girl to leave hanging !
coniow over 3 years ago
FYI gents: Aubrey Snow's video up in 'newest' is not playing and has no download options :-(
rhyull over 3 years ago
I don't necessarily disagree with Conlow about breasts. I prefer them rather larger but with the same shape and decorations. However it seems very difficult to get bigger ones just right, without a touch of spaniel's ears. So I'm looking forwards to seeing this girl when she isn't pushing them together to make a deeper cleavage.
droolmasterb over 3 years ago
What lips!
respect4u over 3 years ago
absolutely stunning in the most natural way
cfdietcoke over 3 years ago
She's the real deal!
toga9pants10 over 3 years ago
Yes European women are Hot and i am Polish Too! good to see a hott Lily
ricky62 over 3 years ago
I'm speechless.....
rickmar1 over 3 years ago
Intimidated!? Are you kidding me? I think they should be intimidated by her. I can't wait for this one!
coniow over 3 years ago
I think you guys should make her dreams come true, and book a girl-girl shoot for her with Francesca Lombardi ! While Lily is a bit busty for my usual taste, her looks (and that wonderful smile ! :-), more than make up for what others would consider an asset anyway. I really hope we get to SEE these pictures, (unlike those of the also delightful Caprice, who seems to have slipped through the cracks ! :-(.
shineon over 3 years ago
Oh good lord!
drknight1 over 3 years ago
Lovely beyond words!
rhyull over 3 years ago
Yeah, what they said...
emmsea over 3 years ago
Poor intimidated wallflower . . . . . NOT!! What a honey, looking forward to her set(s)
beachbum1 over 3 years ago
Lily is a beauty. I am looking forward to the full set of pictures.
alpha1 over 3 years ago
Don't know why she would feel intimidated by the girls here... She's just as beautiful as any of them!

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