Interview with Dani Daniels

Posted on May 19, 2011

Hey all, yesterday I caught up with the very generous Dani Daniels for a candid interview....

z: Zach from dd here. So we'll start with a couple background questions for people who aren't already familiar with you. Where are you from and how did you get into modeling?

dani daniels: K, if it takes me a bit it's because I'm on set :P I'm from Orange County California. I kinda just stumbled into adult modeling

z: Kinda just stumbled eh? So did someone approach you or were you just curious on your own?

dani daniels: I was just curious. I guess I just wanted people to watch me get off and get girls off! I think it's HOTT :) I also wanted to help people with their sex life.

z: Sounds like you're a natural exhibitionist then. Would you say thats a fair description of your personality? Have you always been attracted to females?

dani daniels: Sounds about right :) I'm personally bi, so yea u can say that. I love beautiful women :)

z: We do too! :) When was your first attraction/sexual encounter with a female? Did these feelings hit you by surprise?

dani daniels: I know you do! You guys actually popped my adult cherry! I was 18 :) I was curious and met someone who was willing to show me how to have GOOD sex with a woman :) she was such a hot redhead, in her late 20s :) I still think of her when I masturbate!!

z: It's always good to have a skilled mentor, not to mention a hot Ginger! Would you say that you primarily think of men or women when you masturbate? And what acts/positions?

dani daniels: Don't get me wrong I love men, but the thought of a woman licking another woman really turns me on!!!!

z: I don't think we mind ;) Tell us a bit about your personality outside of sex and modeling. How do you spend your time when you're not working?

dani daniels: When I'm not working I'm a homebody. I don't drink, do drugs, or party... So I treat myself to nice meals and vacations. I love to travel.

z: So then sex is your drug of choice? :P Where have been your favorite destinations?

dani daniels: Definitely my drug of choice! Loved tons of places but my favorites were Egypt, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Paris :)

z: Which place had the most women that caught your eye and what did you like about them?

dani daniels: Oooh :) Paris. French women are sexxxy! They really know how to dress HOTT! Plus the French accent... Yum!

z: Were you able to take the hot clothes off of one of these French beauties personally?

dani daniels: Ahhh! I wish! Unfortunately I'm Actually really shy in person :(

z: That's interesting, because you strike me as very outgoing. So if a person wanted to get to know you better, they would have to take the initiative?

dani daniels: Definitely :) I'm just not a dominant person...

z: OK, well I don't want to keep you for much longer. I understand you're fielding these questions while you're working. Do you have any news or updates to relay to your fans? Or perhaps to girls that are considering your line of work?

dani daniels: Hmmmm... Let's see... I'm a huge tweeter! Find me @missdanidaniels ... My blog is athomewithdanidaniels.com .. I have a new site launching next week called danidanielspictorials.com :) my wishlist is http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2MJMA71CARPRZ and I always send thank you gifts!

z: Perfect. And any advice to young ladies like yourself that might be reading this?

dani daniels: Have fun! And go with your gut.

Thanks again, Dani. If you guys have any questions you'd like posed to your favorite models, please send them my way: zach@digitaldesire.com


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