Ellena Woods, take two.

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

Of course we shot Ellena more than once, look at her! After this session was finished, nearly a month ago, I moused through the images and squirreled away a few favs to share with you on an upcoming Word. They've been burning a whole in my desk top ever since. Enjoy!

Ellena Woods.

Next week we're shooting two more brand new girls that you're not gonna want to miss. Come back soon.


Member Comments (7)

widowmaker • over 4 years ago
Daily Photo model name is missing.
emmsea • over 4 years ago
My oh my!
rhyull • over 4 years ago
Since there's nowhere else to comment, your daily photo today is a real WOW! Who is she?
valarana • over 4 years ago
I swear Ellena is Holly Michaels meets Cody Milo.
mconners72 • over 4 years ago
stangman6785 • over 4 years ago
she is yummy
neosad • over 4 years ago
I love it.

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