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Posted on Oct 15, 2018

I have always loved the BTS sets ever since I started working here. It's fun to see the production process and the guys and gals on set having fun, but the part I truly enjoy the most is the transformation of the models.

They are told to show up with no makeup and their hair not done. Then, before the beautification process begins, they are also told to strip naked and wear a smooth robe or nothing at all. This allows the bra strap and pantie lines to disappear before shooting so as not to be seen in the photos.

Elena Koshka before...

...and after

Kimberly Fox before...

...and after.

Mia Malkova before...

...and after

Tiffany Crystal before...

...and after.

Aidra Fox before...

...and after.

Lena Anderson before...

...and after.

Gotta love em!


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rickmar1 6 months ago
Although I love the way they look all dolled up, I like seeing the models as they would look if you saw them just walking down the street not trying to garner attention. You know there is something there but, they appear more down to earth.
coniow 6 months ago
The best 'Before and After' shots are the Talent Search pix! See the girls with no make-up, strap lines, pimples, and even strings on the odd occasion. This is why I am a fan of THEM. PITY that they keep getting overlooked :-(
rickmar1 6 months ago
So, what you are saying is that they come in already hot looking and you make them stunning. Tough job! Tough job! I was never a big fan of the BTS sets but am beginning to like them more. I'm sure being there is WAY better.

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