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August Ames

Posted on Dec 13, 2013

Produced Dec 10th, 2013. Canada sent us an early gift this year in the form of August Ames. We've always loved working with Canadian models but most times we run in identification document issues, forcing us to pass em up, not this time however. We welcomed in August with open lenses recently, and this is some of what we captured.

August Ames.

And away we go.


Member Comments (17)

knickknack46 said over 1 year ago
nice shoes
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
Remember , remember , the 8th of December, when Tila Fame trailblazed through the daily Post !!! Must long be remembered ...
dancan38 said over 1 year ago soon as you catch up your breath ! Lol ! Another thing : it never fails to amaze me (however often the idea has been worded in the last few months only !) the variety of styles, the versatility, that differentiates DD from falsely-ididentical-but-actually-gutter sites : today there's a great reminder with the contrast between Angel bland and fake bearer Cassidy (today's Daily Photo), Catie naturally bosomy and mischievous Parker (yesterday's new post) or Lauren radiant and deliciously flat-chested idol spirited onto the 1. Dec issue... Pick your fave and never complain !!! DD definitely worships THE WOMAN and respects both THE WOMAN and THE WOMAN-SEEKER.
slajdarn said over 1 year ago
When can we see a video of this breathlessly beautiful girl?
divercraig said over 1 year ago
I don't see any masculinity in her face at all. She is a stunner. This set is going to be posted today right??? Pretty please.
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
agree about the facial single-expression and the masculinity. Quite pleasant buttocks, though !
mauddib said over 1 year ago
g37pq941, I feel your pain. But then, I've sometimes waited breathlessly for a new model's set then been disappointed by it's actual contents. Ms. Ames had nice breasts, but a face that is a little too masculine for my tastes. And judging by these sample picks, she might be one of those models who has only one facial expression: the obligatory open-mouthed come-on look, which can get tiring really fast. And yes, she gets kudos for the subtle and original placing of the butterfly tats.
jtropp2 said over 1 year ago
A potential DD all-star! Nice find!
drmax2688 said over 1 year ago
First rate babe. How about a video?
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
love 7th from top !!!
superbigfan said over 1 year ago
who8bat8 said over 1 year ago
DAYM! Hott!
coniow said over 1 year ago
Nice looking girl, but what I do appreciate are the lady-like butterflies emerging from her right shoe. Subtle and feminine.
mullinsp said over 1 year ago
Great babe, she is so gorgeous...this is shy I love this site! :-) DD bring in on!!
sepu811 said over 1 year ago
can't wait for the set! I would renew for life :D
sepu811 said over 1 year ago
Oh my God what an ass....awesome legs and seems like AMAZING feets...hope to be able to see them!
g37pq941 said over 1 year ago
I had been planning to cancel my membership and then you go and do this… what to do?