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Ashley Scott

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Yeah, like he said... the new never gets old. Especially new girls from Texas like Ashley Scott.

Just a week ago, Ashley was bartending at her local sports bar. One of our model finders met her on a casting site, and flew her out to California immediately, knowing damn well she'd end up in front of our cameras.

Straight from her mouth, Ashley said she loves all of the attention that she receives while slinging drinks in Texas, but it was getting old. Ashley plans on nude modeling in California for 6 months, and then plans on returning to her beloved home state. Thanks for coming out Ashley... and the photo session went a little like this...

Ashley Scott.

Thank you.


Member Comments (16)

dancan38 said 11 months ago
So... no need to thank you, then, rhyull ? Lol ! Thx for the info ! Haven't gone into the habit of googling...
rhyull said 11 months ago
Well, its a good excuse for me to come back and have another look at Ashley's cunt on display between those slim legs of hers ;)
rhyull said 11 months ago
There are quite a few references to it on a search. The most relevant is probably "Being kicked out of a place and not being able to come back."
dancan38 said 11 months ago
sonofzog ??? 86'd ???
dancan38 said 11 months ago
For our foreign friends, please, ..."86'd" ???
amoreno60089 said 11 months ago
Agreed!!! Doggie style a must!!!
dsshop said 11 months ago
Agreed - this BEAUTY needs to be showcased in the doggie position!
sonofzog said 11 months ago
How do I get to be a model finder? And instructions how not to be treated like a perv and 86'd.
slydog001 said 11 months ago
Damn...she's going to be popular on the site...
stangman6785 said 11 months ago
mmmmmmm anothher lone star beauty.
dancan38 said 11 months ago
By popular request, Ashley, Doggie Style please !!!
coniow said 11 months ago
This will be hard to wait for!
ferretous said 11 months ago
God damn! She is an angel. :)))
rhyull said 11 months ago
One thing about slim legs and a small bottom is if you get them in traditional doggie style. View them from behind and the combination makes their pubic mound and slit look extra prominent compared to a girl with more rounded thighs. The effect can be highly appealing, so I hope either the photos or video will show this at some point
sepu811 said 11 months ago
dancan38 said 11 months ago
Nice features but slim legs