Aidra Fox

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

Name: Aidra Fox

Age: 19

Place: FL

Known for: Her dimples, and infectious smile.

Hell yeah: Electronic music, dancing, skittles, and good hygiene.

Hell no: Smelly boys, closed minded people, soggy cereal.

Future: Fast cars, making music, making love not war.

Aidra every saw her here first. Next week our cameras will be firing for 3 days straight.

Stick around for the aftermath.


Member Comments (20)

dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Labrets ? need to get out more, coniow, or else you're gonna turn up advocating excision, soon !
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh ! How can I have missed those... You've got to admit, though, nostrils are a rare item of controversy on this site...
coniow • over 4 years ago
Another more similar adornment used by some Inuit (Eskimo) is to make a hole near the mouth, place an ivory disk in the hole and allow the skin to heal closed around it (called a labret). I think I really need to get out more. And Dan: Pussy, ass, mouth, 2x hearing ear holes, 2x decorative ear holes and 2 nostrils ? =9
bowsersheepdog • over 4 years ago
i hadn't noticed the ear-lobe either. not really to my taste but i have to admit it'd be a handy place to carry a condom though.
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
How about trying a bone through the nose ? That too looks quite traditional...
coniow • over 4 years ago
I know some native tribes (from the Amazon River area? I can't remember!) make a hole from which hang many BIG rings thus distending the ear by 3 or 4 inches, but they do not rim the hole itself with a ring. Less painful than a bifurcated tongue though I bet!
rhyull • over 4 years ago
Scorpy is quite correct about it being a modest ear-hole. My stepson who is in a band and sounds like Slipknot had one at least an inch in diameter, as well as enough assorted face ironmongery that he could have got a job attracting compass needles on passing ships to lure them onto the rocks
demonz777 • over 4 years ago
Sexy! All around beautiful!I LOVE the tat.. Some guys like tats..
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
...and I can't find the last two, pussyman...?
pussyman2 • over 4 years ago
Does this mean she is a girl with nine apertures? I have trouble coping with three!
emmsea • over 4 years ago
Love the smile, adore the dimples. Why ruin such a great body with the tats????? I guess I'm getting old! Still, maybe I can Photoshop them out . . .
scorpy • over 4 years ago
The ear hole ring is actually quite common with the younger rock bands and their fans. That one is actually quite tame compared to some of the ones I have seen. They have bigger ones too that they really hang down like big hoop earrings. Quite disgusting! On a positive note, someone is really rounding up the hot brunettes for the site, it's like a dream come true! My subscription...continues!
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Bxxx Hxxx !!! Hadn't noticed !!! you can actually SEE THRU' !!! OUCH !!! That was too good to be true...
coniow • over 4 years ago
I am more curious about the ear-hole ring (for lack of a better expression). Wonder if there is a story behind that? Lovely face, beautiful smile and love the landing strip!
ulysses1776 • over 4 years ago
First model I can remember with a tatt was a Playmate of the Month back in 1974. Thing I don't get is why the photographers try to hide the tatts (like the Emma Mae DD set where she has to wear a long sleeved sweater thru-out). Sure would like to get a good look at that Kama Sutra tatt on Mia Solis's neck; or Alyssa Branch's recent shoulder to elbow figure (see Holly Randall for a hint). Let the photogs celebrate the art (or mistake)!
ch0k3h0ld • over 4 years ago
Hell yeah: Aldra! At least the ink is situated so it doesn't really detract from her outstanding beauty. She also has a fantastic smile. Gotta love it.
bowsersheepdog • over 4 years ago
pretty face, great body. like rhyull and others i do wish the trend for tattoos would wane. whoever may one day invent an indiarubber which can erase them could be onto a goldmine.
rhyull • over 4 years ago
Used to be that only bad girls had ink to show how rebellious they were. Now it seems like they all have it. Makes me wonder if its because of peer pressure, or if its because they know we don't spend much time looking at anything higher up than the tits and they want to have some way of being recognised in the furure.
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
Wow ! Strong competition looming in terms of ass/arse, smile, natural looks... and pinlessness !!! Fire away !!!
batman66 • over 4 years ago
She is beautiful! Fantastic job finding this one guys! Can't wait for the full set.

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