More Lena Please

Posted on Mar 28, 2017

Just shot Lena Anderson again this past weekend... my god this girl is so pretty... and standing next to you ( I'm 5'8" ) she's 6'2" and then put on some 4" heels... almost a foot taller then me... slender with that angelic face ... and yes, she has one of the best easy going attitudes around... what a great day... a monkey could not have taken a bad shot of her... anyways... enjoy these sample pics...

Member Comments (6)

drknight1 • about 10 hours ago
My idea of perfection. Absolutely Sweet, Sexy, snd Stunningly Beautiful.
radnar3054 • about 12 hours ago
zikay2017 • about 24 hours ago
Very nice!!!
warthog16 • 1 day ago
rickmar1 • 1 day ago
OMG! I'm in love. When is she going to be on?

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