In with the old

Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Hi everyone, we're hoping you haven't been too worried about the past few weeks without Flashback sets. The drought is over and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled republished shoots from the golden days. Our schedule will show you the three new ones coming this month; Lisa, Genesis, and Danni Yeager, some classic JSH and Randy photo shoots. We're doing our best to bring these older sets up to standards: higher resolution, improved color, removed film borders— while also staying true to the original photos. In the near future, we're planning on trying some experimental work to increase the resolution of these sets while also improving the quality using artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for that.

Well, as a sort of mini-celebration, here's some favorite classic Flashback sets. Some real underrated gems in here.

Stephanie Adams

Jenna Jameson

Chantelle Fontain

Bo Saint

Lori Michaels

Kelly Sullivan

Thanks for being here and keeping all these wonderful women such great company! They really appreciate it, as do we. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


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rickmar1 8 days ago
I know that I'm psyched. Somebody forwarded me one of Kyla's sets years ago and I didn't know where it came from. When I learned it came from DD I was immediately in.
captblei2 8 days ago
Excellent news! I hope that, in addition to better image quality, we'll also get more thorough and comprehensive versions of these classic sets. I'm with you trinity1945! Although, there are a lot of Aria Giovanni sets that need "improvement" as well... Go, indeed!
trinity1945 8 days ago
Thinking of all the Kyla Cole sets you have to “improve”. Go. Go. Go!

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