Melody Wylde

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

Just photographed Melody Wylde the other day... what a cutie... 110 lbs of spunky joy... she's 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Caucasian... hope you guys enjoy... yes, yes, I know, she has small breasts but I want to know who here would kick her out of bed :) be honest...

“I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”

Woody Allen


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drknight1 • about 9 hours ago
She has already put a melody in my heart. Can't wait to see the rest. And she squirts....well call me thirsty and show me where the fountains at.
captblei2 • about 14 hours ago
So, we have another unnamed Erotic Desktop today (Feb. 24). For anyone wondering, it's Aubrey Snow. Our previous Ms. Unnamed from Feb. 22 is Blake Bartelli. Yes, my eyes are very keen, thank you! But you may remember the Feb. 22 desktop from Jan. 22, when the same image was used (and named). And you may also remember the Feb. 24 desktop from Jan. 24. The nature desktops for the 22 and 24 of Feb. are likewise repeats of those from 22 and 24 of Jan. I feel like I'm sensing a pattern here, and I don't much like it!
fbwlou • 1 day ago
I like Natural Breasts - of Any size and did you get a load of the Size of those Sexy Nipples in pic #4? They get a resounding "Yes" from me! Look at that Beautiful Pussy too! Pic #3 where she has her ass up in the air with her pussy lips in full view is Very Sexy and it also shows that her Large Nipples Get Nice and Pointy when she's Excited and Having Fun! In pic #6 check out the size of her pussy! A Cute, Petite Girl with Large Nipples and a Large Pussy! Seems Perfect to me! Not to mention that she has a Sexy, Ample Ass for her size! The fact that she's 1/2 Japanese takes her Cute factor into the realm of Exotic! Kicking any woman out of bed because of small breasts is something that would Never cross my mind! I love Squirters too! Melody Wylde is Hot, Sexy and Exotic! I'll pass on the sushi. I will take a woman like Melody Wylde as my Japanese delicacy of choice any day! More of her would be more than welcome!
pulchra • 1 day ago
Phenomenal! Bring her on, can't wait. Her breasts are exactly what they should be: beautiful.
captblei2 • 1 day ago
Melody looks quite harmonious! However, I'd like to point out (and maybe this is the place?) that yesterday's (Feb. 22) erotic desktop went unnamed, and the nature desktop was a repeat from January 22. I love the desktops, don't neglect them!
rex423lax • 1 day ago
sweet holy mother of god
pt7009 • 1 day ago
Small breasts? No problem! She looks petite, I've got a thing for petite brunettes.....AND she squirts?......DAMN bring her on! Only thing I'd add is a nicely trimmed bush ☺
charles65 (Admin) • 1 day ago
I forgot to mention... she's squirts so stay tuned for video...
rickmar1 • 1 day ago
She could jump in my bed ANY day of the week. Small breasts? Who cares? I have small hands so I don't need that much. And yes-- small is better than fake anytime.
lovepinks • 1 day ago
Smoking hot nipples are so sexy. I can't believe the whining over the size of her breasts!
coniow • 1 day ago
And what is the problem with small boobs? Especially when they have such delightfully erect nipples as Melody's! Can't wait :-)
ricky62 • 1 day ago
what a cutie... 110 lbs of spunky joy -- about sums it up! "every picture tells a story"
uptonogood • 1 day ago
Kick her out of bed? Really?! I say, "Natural is best, no matter the size of breast!" So, take as many photo sets of her as you can!

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